I am looking for Guest Posters for the following Topics:

Branding and Business, Graphic or Web Design Hacks, Growing Your Email List, Email Campaign Strategy, Blogging, Social Media Strategy, Product Styling or Styled Photography,  Entrepreneurship!

(If you have a topic I may not have mentioned, please write in the form below! )

The Details

  • I will provide images and graphics for post. If it is for a tutorial you can provide images that will support the tutorial such as screenshots. 
  • The post must be at 1000+ words in length. 
  • All post will include links back to the author which includes your pretty  or handsome face, your website, and social media handles. Please also provide a 1 sentence bio of who you are and what you do.
  • The article must be your own work or words, you may also include a post that your previously written on your blog. However,  please DO NOT submit a post that was submitted/published elsewhere! 
  • Please make sure your post is without spelling or grammatical errors, I am bad at grammar, so I probably will miss it. 
  • No Promotional content will be allowed. 
  • Please allow up to 7 days for response to your submission.
  • If your submission is granted, I will promote you and the post throughout the day that the post was published (Twitter, Facebook, Pinterest).
  • You may also include opt-ins to build your email list!
  • Post must be submitted through Google Docs. 
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