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Designing Color Poppin' Brands & Websites for Poppin' Entrepreneurs.

and inspiring and teaching other creatives, too! 


Hey, What's up?!

HEY! I AM REKITA! I am a self-taught graphic and web designer from Atlanta, Georgia and the mother of three beautiful kiddos. I love art, color, and coding so guess I make the elements of being a great designer.

I specialize in Wordpress and Squarespace design. I also dabble in some brand photography. And. I also blog, what? I like teaching and informing other creatives how to design and how to expand their business through blogging and social media. Sounds, good right? So, I am here to make your home on the internet fun, bright, and Poppin'!
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What I do...

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You have your vision and voice...but let's work on that visual!  Let's get that logo poppin'!

WEB Design

You have the branding, now let's show it to the world! Let's get your business poppin' on the internet!

Lay Photography

Make your website pop with custom lay photography or with a pre-made stock photo!


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